25connections - Connection #25

25connections - Connection #25

Here comes the 25th block for 25connections, our current coincidence project!

This is the last 25connections block! To us, it seems almost like yesterday that we started this activity and can hardly believe that it is over now!

Over? Wait a minute...

We would love to see pictures of what you have made based on 25connections!

There are plans to include finished 25connections projects in our upcoming MYoD travelling exhibition which will start informally in autumn 2017 at the show of a Bavarian quilt group and will get into full swing in the course of 2018.

If you’d like to be part of this, get in touch with us: info@quilt-around-the-world.com

Please find enclosed the PDF giving you all instructions you need to get your dice rolling. If you are not yet familiar with the project, please read the introduction and the enclosed PDF file which contains even more explanations.

Here's the direct link to the introduction: 25connections intro

Here you can find the PDF with block grid: 25connections grid

The Instructions

Here is the direct link to the PDF: 25c_c25_en.pdf

Your Results

Feel free to send us a picture of individual blocks, either as a sketch or a pieced block, as soon as you have a final version. We would love to publish your work along with your comments for everybody to see!

Please note:

25connections is free. Nevertheless, the instructions are copyrighted material. It costs time and effort to create something like this. Please be fair: Copying and passing on copyrighted material is not sharing, but stealing.

Tell your friends about 25connections and ask them to download the material themselves. We would of course be thrilled to welcome you and your friends to other activities we offer here at Quilt around the World.