IBS2-Quilt: Ellen W, Germany

IBS2-Quilt: Ellen W, Germany

The English Channel is growing, too, with this beautiful and extravagant design!

What Ellen says about her IBS2 quilt:

Finally I (almost) finished my quilt for the English Channel team. All there is to do is waiting for the missing 7 buttons (already ordered) to get the two panels at the bottom joined to the rest of the quilt. I’ll also add some stitching at the two top squares.

IBS2-Quilt: Ellen W, Germany

I was so excited when I received the letter with all blocks of my team, I had to put them on the couch immediately to admire them for a rather long time.

I wanted to give every block a right of its own to let it show its own unique beauty while being part of a greater picture. This turned out to be a little challenging and I decided to let it simmer in the back of my brain until I got the idea of putting each block into a frame and then joining them all with buttons in Birmingham where I saw a quilt with four panels buttoned together.

It was so much fun to sew and stitch this wall hanging, I enjoyed every minute I spent with this quilt, especially because it stayed exciting until the last moment when I joined the last panel to the quilt.

To get a match I added the two small squares at the top corners.  Each part can be separated from the other parts.

I have to admit that I love this quilt and I call it “Love for Water”. I love water, my sign of the zodiac is fishes (pisces), so what better could have happened to me than this adventure.

I hope you like the quilt as well.