IBS2-Quilt: Sabine W, Germany

IBS2-Quilt: Susanne W, Germany

Sabine contributes her second (!) finished quilt to her team, the Atlantic...

What Sabine says about her IBS2 quilt:

Finally, the second quilt I have ever made is finished!
I joined the blocks with lots of strips cut from denim and other fabrics. The quilt measures 1,80 by 1,80 m. Although I basted the layers carefully, my old sewing machine just wouldn't do the quilting. After several attempts and hours of unpicking the seams, I gave the quilt sandwich to Gertrud of "Bavarian Longarm Quilting" [who by the way also contributed blocks to IBS2!]. Now I know why these machines were invented.
I am actually quite satisfied with the result!
IBS2-Quilt: Susanne W, Germany
Unfortunately, the weather right now is very uncooperative and we haven't been able yet to use the quilt as a picknick blanket. I do hope that this will be possible quite soon!