Little Treasures Quilt - Anke C., Germany

Little Treasures - Anke

Project: Little Treasures

Name of the Quilter: Anke C., Germany

Name of the Quilt: Precious Nature


What Anke says about her Little Treasures Quilt:

This coincidence quilt project was great fun - it was my very first quilt that I designed only by using "ingredients" which were defined by rolling the dice. I also did not cheat and really took on my personal challenge. In the beginning it was difficult, but the more design hints I got, the easier it all became.

From my first drafts to my finished triptych there were many plan changes and spontaneous ideas. From the first round until the last quilt stitches, I found working little quilt "Precious Nature" extremely exciting and satisfying - especially when I look at the result now.

These were my ingredients:

  • triptych
  • strong symmetrical and centred focus point
  • at least 4 lines, thereof 3 curved 
  • at least 1 circle
  • 3 shades of green
  • neighbouring colours (yellow, blue)
  • at least 1 large-patterned fabric
  • only closed quilting lines
  • non-textile object for the presentation (I chose a transparent acrylic glass and magnets)

As a special eye-catcher, I included tiny figures in my hills, fields and lakes landscapes that enjoy the "precious nature" while cycling, playing golf and horseback riding ...