Little Treasures Quilt - Brigitte L., Switzerland

Little Treasures Quilt - Brigitte L., Switzerland

Project: Little Treasures

Name of the Quilter: Brigitte L., Switzerland

Name of the Quilt: A Corner in the Garden of Paradise


What Brigitte says about her Little Treasures Quilt:

Actually, rolling the dice to create coincidence quilts is right down my alley. Most of the time, when I work on a new textile project, I start with something that I already have in stock, such as a certain fabric, a technique that I want to try or just scraps.

Here, the biggest challenge were the 4 small quilts which should be temporarily connected. To kick it up a notch, I chose the asymmetric composition thanks to my joker. 

After a few sleepless nights and with the other coincidental tasks, it was clear to me what I wanted to create. I experimented with a few samples and then I could start. My Little Treasures quilt has become a "Corner in the Garden of Paradise". 

I would like to pursue this project further by rolling the dice again for new "ingredients", different colours, or....

But I want to stick with the 4 small quilts 15 x 15 cm.

Litte Treasures Quilt - Brigitte