Little Treasures Quilt - Katrin P., Germany

Little Treasures Quilt - Katrin P., Germany

Project: Little Treasures

Name of the Quilter: Katrin P., Germany

Name of the Quilt: Fibonacci



What Katrin says about her Little Treasures Quilt:

My dice rolled the following instructions:

-Mini quilt


-5 lines, 4 with inside ending starting at the outside

-3 letters

-3 shades of purple

-the complementary colour

-a striped fabric

-a different stitch than the running stitch for quilting

-continue the design into the binding


The 3 letters gave me headaches, but I finally managed to include them. The quilt is fixed with knot sitches, 6 little knots are part of the binding. The colours are not really what I like, it could have been „use your least favorite colours“. Yet I like the result.