My Year of Design 2GO - A Daily Journey of Thinking and Making

My Year of Design 2GO - A Daily Journey of Thinking and Making

My Year of Design 2GO, the "little one" in the My Year of Design series, invites you to play every day with exciting and inspiring design exercises - between chores or on the road, when shopping, travelling, going to work. And this quilte deliberately with a small workbook which fits into every handbag. You only need a pencil to spend time "offline" and use all your senses for taking in and being inspired by what surrounds us every day.

The 45 exercises in this book were conceived for different situations in our daily lives. You can do the exercises once or revisit them several times to work on different aspects, such as seasonal changes, different moods, changing weather, etc.

If necessary, contact the Quilt around the World team for support in the textile translation of your designs. Moreover, there is an online gallery at, showcasing work resulting from the exercises in this book.

108 pages

DIN A5 paperback

ISBN: 9-7837431-12384

by Jutta Hufnagel

For every copy sold directly via the Quilt around the World webshop, we will donate 1 Euro to the international humanitarian organisation Doctors Without Borders.

Important: We are a small company and cannot compete with the big internet book shops, neither with respect to delivery times nor costs for postage and packaging. This book is available internationally and using the ISBN number stated above, your local bookshop shouldn't have any problems procuring this book for you.

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