My Year of Design THREE - Introduction

My Year of Design THREE - Introduction

My Year of Design THREE is meant for all quilters of all levels. Having taken part in the first two parts of My Year of Design is not a prerequisite, neither do you have to be a professional quilter or designer. Just be curious and join us in our new creative trip - another journey of thinking, designing and making.

MYoD3 continues the tradition of the previous MYoD publications in challenging you with playful, amusing and sometimes unexpected exercises. These exercises are accompanied by inspirational pictures, lots of background information (you could call this "design theory" if you were so inclined) and feedback on the pieces you produce based on MYoD3.

MYoD3 consists of three modules with six chapters each, one per month. In every module, the first five chapters focus on one design element ( e. g. line, form, colour etc.) or one design principle (e. g. focus, rhythm, contrast etc.). The sixth chapter in each module brings all the previous chapters together and discusses different aspects of composition.

Module 1
Chapter 1:     Point
Chapter 2:     Line
Chapter 3:     Size/Proportion
Chapter 4:     Colour I
Chapter 5:     Focus
Chapter 6:     Composition I

Module 2
Chapter 1:    Shape
Chapter 2:     Repetition
Chapter 3:     Rhythm
Chapter 4:     Colour II
Chapter 5:     Contrast
Chapter 6:     Composition II

Module 3
Chapter 1:    Texture and Pattern
Chapter 2:    Form
Chapter 3:    Unity
Chapter 4:    Colour III
Chapter 5:    Harmony and Balance
Chapter 6:     Composition III

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