MYoD3/1 - Chapter 1 - Wargard, DE

MYoD3/1 - Chapter 1 - Wargard, DE

Activity: My Year of Design THREE

Issue: Chapter 1 - Points

Name of the quilter: Wargard

Country: Germany


What Wargard says about her MYoD3 work:

Having only one dimension, the point is almost invisible mathematical. A pen's mark is not monodimensional anymore. There are intersections, corners etc., the point exists imaginary, but when starting to reveal it, it becomes two-dimensional.

When it comes to design, especially textile design, this changes. „Pointed“ oder dotted fabrics show circles.

It depends on the size, if they are still called points or circles. The viewer's distance to the object is also important.

I decided on embroidery with different materials, different sized „points“, which should appear sometimes scattered or clustered. I used french knot stitches with different kinds of embroidery floss, small beads and sequins. I limited myself to two colours, so the picture would not end up too busy.

In the end, I cheated mathematics and incorporated a three-dimensional point with a small pompom, which I enjoyed immensely.