MYoD3/1 - Chapter 2 - Anke C., DE

MYoD3/1 - Kapitel 2 - Anke C., DE

Activity: My Year of Design THREE

Issue: Chapter 2 - Lines

Name of the quilter: Anke C.

Country: Germany

What Anke says about her MYoD3 design:

I wanted to make a very minimalistic quilt for the chapter “lines”: a rectangle with narrow sunrays, black background, hand-quilted straight lines. That was the plan. But after I had sewn a few strips, it turned out differently: Suddenly, a black intermediate strip was too short. Spontaneously, I decided to take this mistake up as a challenge and to deliberately incorporate it into my design rather than correct it. Then my thoughts began to beat somersaults: A thought is not always straight, it is sometimes interrupted by sudden inspiration or annoying external disturbances, it can turn in circles and even knot. Slowly, the muddle unravels and the thread of thought can be picked up point by point. And then you suddenly feel the creative "enlightenment"…

Anke Calzada "Enlightenment"


Anke Calzada "Enlightenment"  Detail