MYoD3/1 - Chapter 4 - ManuelaS, DE

MYoD3/1 - Chapter 4 - ManuelaS, DE

Activity: My Year of Design THREE

Issue: Chapter 4 - Colours

Name of the quilter: ManuelaS

Country: Germany


What ManuelaS says about her MYoD3 work:

I embarked on the adventure of using reactive dyes. I purchased three primary colours, cyan, magenta and yellow and dyed a 12 part colour wheel. Very helpful was a book (Dyeing to Quilt), I got used via A... I really enjoyed it - I wanted to try dying for some time now. And I was suprised how easy it was in my sewing room without a tap. I learned how to mix primary and secondary colours for the 3. shade. Of course I had to try some Shibori techniques too.