MYoD3/2 - Chapter 3 - Pascale, DE/FR

MYoD3/2 - Chapter 3 - Pascale, DE/FR

Activity: My Year of Design THREE

Issue: Chapter 3 - Rhythm

Name of the quilter: Pascale

Country: France/Germany


What Pascale says about her MYoD3 work:

I had many happy pictures in my head on the subject. Rhythm, that is music and dance, get-together with friends, falling in love, enjoying your life. I had no idea how to transform that into a textile work.

Then there was something completely different, death arrived. It was no surprise, just like the following silence. But then a voice I hardly recognized started to sing a lament that went right through me. Monosyllabic, pervasive in a language I do not speak. But the lament expressed everything, I was unable to say. The silence after the lament was near unbearable. I was relieved when the lament started again, more gentle and lower. Then again silence and hesitant life went on, it had changed, was more soft and mixed with the lament. It has become part of the melody.

I had to transform this feeling into work. The pattern is based on musical notation.