Little Treasures Challenge - Registration

Little Treasures Registration

This is the registration for the Little Treasures Challenge and Travelling Exhibition. Before registration, please read the background information on this project:

Little Treasures (A Coincidence Project)

You will also find the registration form behind this link.

Rules for Participation

  • Your quilt must arrive here in our Munich office no later than 30 September 2018 unless otherwise agreed.
  • Please include the registration form attached in the download area below. You help us immeasurably if you print the information clearly and in a easily legible way. The form has two pages - please read, fill in and sign both pages!
  • Please include (a copy of) the worksheet upon which your Little Treasures Quilt is based and a short comment on your work (ca. 250 words).
  • Your quilt must have a tunnel of about 2" or 5 cm width on the back along the upper edge.
  • If you want to submit a three-dimensional work, please contact us in advance.
  • A label needs to be attached on the back with the name of the quilt, your name and address.
  • Your quilt must be in perfect condition. Please understand that we cannot accept work that is in any way stained, soiled or damaged.
  • Your quilt and your comment on your quilt do not infringe on any copyright laws. The quilt is your own design. Any other sources (patterns, books, magazines, classes etc.) have been mentioned in the text accompanying my quilt
  •  As we are invited to all these venues, we do not have any influence on the space we will be assigned. Depending on the number of Little Treasures quilts submitted, we might not be able to show all quilts at all venues. The decision which quilt will be shown where lies with the Quilt around the World team.
  • We will keep your quilts laid out flat and protected from light and dust. They are folded only for transport to the venues and for returning them to you.
  • Quilt around the World cannot prevent visitors to the exhibitions from taking pictures of your work. Quilt around the World will put up signs pointing out that these pictures may only be used for private purposes.  
  • Quilt around the World GmbH is allowed to publish pictures of your work online and in digital and printed form. The same applies to your comments on your work which may also be translated into other languages. Neither my work nor my comments infringe on any third party‘s rights (intellectual property, invasion of privacy). In the online gallery, quilts will be published under your first name, the abbreviation of your (first) last name and the abbreviation for your country. In printed media, your full name and country will be given.
  • Quilt around the World GmbH will receive, store, show and send back your work with the greatest care but cannot be held liable for any damage or loss in transit. Quilts will be sent by DHL without extra insurance and - if applicable - the customs value entered in the necessary customs forms will be 40 €. Should you prefer a different carrier, require insurance and/or prefer a higher value to be assigned to your work, please contact us before entering your quilt in the Little Treasures Travelling Exhibition.

Should your quilt not be fit to be shown (see above about soiled and damaged quilts), we will return your quilt without refunding the registration fee.