My Year of Design THREE Online Course (Module 1)

My Year of Design THREE Online Course

My Year of Design THREE (MYoD3) is our third journey of thinking and making and offers a comprehensive online course in design for quilters and other textile lovers. Design is a language - a visual language which can help convey messages and which can help to create work which is visually and sensually pleasing.

MYoD3 continues the tradition of the previous MYoD publications in challenging you with playful, amusing and sometimes unexpected exercises. These exercises are accompanied by inspirational pictures, lots of background information (you could call this "design theory" if you were so inclined) and feedback on the pieces you produce based on MYoD3.

MYoD3 consists of three modules with six chapters each. In this first module, the following design elements and design principles will be covered:

Chapter 1:     Point
Chapter 2:    Line
Chapter 3:     Size/Proportion
Chapter 4:     Colour I
Chapter 5:     Focus
Chapter 6:     Composition I

The first chapter is available online as a free taster. The 2nd chapter will be sent out after registration and payment of the course fee. You can start any time and work at your own pace. No deadlines, no hassle, no pressure! All subsequent chapters are sent out on demand, i.e. you tell us when you'd like to go on to the next chapter.

Constructive feedback is provided by the Quilt around the World team for at least one piece for each chapter.

After receipt of chapter 6, you have at least a year to finish your work, send in pictures and get feedback.

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