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Our popular Block Mysteries are also back! Starting in September 2016, the 49mysteries will bring you a new exciting and fun block riddle each week and the respective detailed sewing tutorial a week later – for a whole year!

You can start anytime you want and simply start with the riddles already published. Simply register through our webshop:



Our idea

Unlike the typical BOM-projects ("Block of the Month") we will publish a somewhat mysterious instruction for the design of a patchwork block each week. This block will either be a traditional pattern or a block that our Quilt around the World team has designed for you.

The objective is not necessarily to get as close as possible to the block we have chosen. There is no right or wrong in the outcome and the goal is not to „guess“ correctly. Just enjoy the puzzle and play with shapes and colour placements until you are happy with your own block design.

It is completely up to you how you want to translate your pattern into a textile block, choose the technique(s) that suit you most or try something new, pick your favorite fabrics or take a deep dive into your scrap boxes.


Our objective

The 49Mysteries invite you travel to uncharted territory, to be adventurous and to enjoy the freedom of inventing your own "story" behind the puzzles.

Throw certainty and security over board and have fun! There is no right or wrong
and the more answers you find to the riddles the better!


How it works

Over the next weeks and months, we will publish a new mysterious instruction for the design of a quilt blocks each week - 49 weeks in total.

The following week, we will unravel the mystery for you and publish our solution along with a detailed sewing tutorial.

All blocks will be categorized into three difficulty levels symbolized by these three block icons:

Easy Block     SIMPLE - the block pattern contains few pieces and is easy to sew using simple patchwork techniques, well-suited for beginners

Intermediate Block     INTERMEDIATE - the block pattern contains more/smaller pieces and the sewing requires some practice, suitable for more experienced quilters but also for ambitious beginners

Difficult Block     ADVANCED - the block pattern contains many small pieces and/or more difficult patchwork techniques (e.g. curved seams, Y seams, foundation piecing, appliqué, etc.), most suitable for advanced quilters or those who are eager to experiment and to learn something new

We not only offer you the detailed sewing tutorial for the original block pattern but will also provide you with some technical knowledge how to draft and sew the blocks you  come up with.

As we go along together, we will also offer strategies to combine some or all of the 49 blocks into a sampler quilt or other textile objects like cushions, table runners, placemats, wall hangings, shopping totes...

And for any questions or problems, we're always here to assist. Just write us an e-mail at info@quilt-around-the-world.com.


How you can participate

Everyone is welcome to participate in this fun activity! We invite all quilters, who are curious and like to solve riddles and play puzzle games, no matter whether you are a beginner, occasional quilter or professional textile artist. 

There are no fixed dates or deadlines. But we would be happy to receive photos of your sketches and textile blocks along with a few words about your design to show them in our 49mysteries Online Gallery and share them with all the other curious quilters out there.

You need a PC with Internet connection and software to view PDF documents to participate.

The participation fee is 25.00 €


Can't wait to start?

Go to our free sample riddle and see what your version will look like:

Block Mystery #1

Whenever you have done riddling, check out the block solution and see whether you have come close to "our" block:

Block Solution #1

If you like the idea of 49mysteries, register today through our webshop:

49mysteries - Registration

Spaces are limited as we will provide support via e-mail. Moreover, we will publish your block versions in the 49mysteries gallery.


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