IBS4 Block: Jutta H, DE*

IBS4 Block: Jutta H, DE

Name of the quilter: Jutta H

Name of the block: Kuckucksblume (cuckoo flower)

Country: Germany

What Jutta says about her block:

As you know we don't usually publish comments for IBS blocks, simply because it is too much work (and we are usually behind anyway!). So in this case I make an exception for myself...

IBS4 Block: Jutta H, DE

I kept my block very simple on purpose for several reasons. First of all, for every previous IBS my blocks were finished at the very very last minute. This I would like to change which is why I am trying to get a head start. Most of my previous IBS blocks had a lot of pieces which made it quite difficult to stay within schedule on top of all my other commitments.

Secondly, I can hopefully show with this block that simple blocks can be beautiful. We often get questions from less experienced quilters whether they are "good enough to join the IBS". Of course you are! Make something simple as I did and make it the best work you can do at this time.

Moreover, I would like to use this block as an example to explain what we mean by identical. For this block, it would not be necessary to place exactly the same fabrics at exactly the same position in the block. It wouldn't even be necessary to use the same fabrics in each block - I could easily use scraps as long as the overall appearance remains recognizable the same. The same applies for the small triangles. It would be ok to use other colours for the small accent triangles, however choosing different shapes alltogether would be stretching the rule a little too far. If you aren't sure, just ask us!

And last but not least, I wanted a block that can be used both horizontally and vertically!

We are looking forward to lots of "Back to Nature" block in the coming months!