Siberian Tiger The name of one of the IBS4 swap teams

IBS4 Block: Montserrat M, ES*

IBS4 Block: Montserrat M, ES

Name of the quilter: Montserrat M

Name of the block: Back to Nature

Country: Spain

IBS4 Block: Claudia S, DE*

IBS4 Block: Claudia S, DE

Name of the quilter: Claudia S

Name of the block: Flowers in the Meadow

Country: Germany

IBS4 Block: Herbert N, DE*

IBS4 Block: Herbert N, DE

Name of the quilter: Herbert N

Name of the block: Deep in the Jungle

Country: Germany

IBS4 Block: Cornelia H, DE*

IBS4 Block: Cornelia H, DE

Name of the quilter: Cornelia H

Name of the block: Childhood Memories - Trips to the Nearby Black Forest

Country: Germany

IBS4 Block: Susan S, UK*

IBS4 Block: Susan S, UK

Name of the quilter: Susan S

Name of the block: A Trio of Leaves

Country: United Kingdom

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