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Little Treasures (Un projet coup de chance)

Notre nouveau projet du quilting coup de chance prévoit 4 ronds et a commencé officiellement le 15 décembre 2017. Bien sûr vous pouvez entrer n‘importe quand vous désirez.

Nous invitons tous les aventuriers du quilting du monde entier – débutants, quilteurs par chance ou artistes textiles professionels de se lancer avec nous (l‘équipe de Quilt around the World) dans ce jeu de dés captivant et de concevoir un quilt coup de chance "Little Treasures".

Little Treasures (Un Proyecto de Coincidencia)

Little Treasures

Nuestro nuevo proyecto de coincidencia tiene cuatro rondas y comenzó oficialmente el 15 de diciembre de 2017. Pero usted puede, por supuesto, participar en cualquier momento.

Invitamos a todos los quilters del mundo, no importa si es principiante, quilter ocasional o profesional, a unirse con nuestro equipo de Quilt around the World en este proyecto divertido y desafiante para diseñar y coser su propio quilt “Little Treasures“....

Little Treasures (A Coincidence Project)

Little Treasures (A Coincidence Project)

Our new Coincidence Quilt Project has four rounds and officially started on December 15, 2017. But of course, you can still join in at any time.

We invite all quilters around the world, no matter whether novice, occasional quilter or professional textile artist, to join our Quilt around the World team and throw the dice to design and craft your very own Little Treasures Coincidence Quilt....

MYoD2 Travelling Exhibition

MYoD2 Travelling Exhibition

As you can see in the MYoD2 (MYoD15) space here at Quilt around the World, we have accelerated the publication rhythm with the entire part 17 online already now and part 18 to follow in the next few days.



Quilt around the World will publish an inspirational photograph each week from 10 January 2015 until 19 December 2015.....

My Year of Design - Introduction

Path to the Lighthouse

This version of My Year of Design is over. Please go to MYoD2015 to read about the second edition of My Year of Design! Moreover, we will shortly publish a book with all MYoD2014 exercises, interviews with some of the participants and some bonus material.

What My Year of Design offers:

Short exercises to push your creativity and learn new design techniques

Gallery for My Year of Design results

Online discussion with the Quilt around the World team and other MYoD participants

For all Quilt around the World paying members and special members (e. g. IBS2 participants)

MYoD-Bauhaus - Wallpaper - Ulla

Bauhaus Wallpaper #aninspirationaday #bauhaus #patchwork

Name of the quilter: Ulla

Name of the piece: Lines 1

Name of the exercise: My Year of Design TWO/Wallpaper

MYoD-Bauhaus - Shapes all over the place - Jutta

Spheres #patchwork #bauhaus #aninspirationaday

Name of the quilter: Jutta

Name of the piece: Spheres

Name of the exercise: My Year of Design TWO - Bauhaus Special - Shapes "All over the place"

archiT06 - Palmenhaus Schönbrunn Vienna

Palmenhaus Schönbrunn #aninspirationaday #architexture

This is inspirational photo #6 of our archiTEXTure Challenge:

Octagonny - Sneak Preview

Swirling Star #patchwork #quilt #octagon #red #blue

With archiTEXTure, We celebrate! and our Bauhaus Special, you might think that there is already a lot going on on the Quilt around the World stage for everyone to see. Behind the scenes, we are cooking up some more exciting ideas which will be front and centre next year. One of these projects will be "Octagonny", a series of octagon blocks to be published in a two weeks rhythm on our brand-new online learning platform. As usual with detailed instructions and step-by-step diagrams so piecing these exciting blocks will be a piece of cake!

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