A New Toy


Quilters need new toys from time to time. Life can be grey and dreary sometimes and toys invariably lift moods and improve the general spirit. If a toy does all this and moreover speeds up a process which can be otherwise tedious and time consuming, so much the better. Depending on the price tag attached to such a toy, a decision to acquire it can be taken rather quickly or can make necessary some serious debates with your personal bank balance. While these debates lasts, a quilter can still hover over catalogues, web sites or displays in shops...

The target of our greedy eyes: The accuquilt GO! Fabric Cutter (TM)... (23 April 2011)

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Quilthouse Purgstall, Austria

Quilthouse Purgstall

When the Quilthouse in Purgstall opened its doors in October 2004, the quilters of Lower Austria (one of the Austrian states) knew little about its owners Angelika and Josef Steinböck....

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