*Ágnes L., Hungary: St. Vid - Velem

Ágnes L., Hugary: St. Vid - Velem

Name of the quilter: Ágnes L.

Name of the block: St.Vid, Velem, Hungary

Country: Hungary

Size: 9" by 12" (22.5 cm by 30 cm)

For almost 40 years, we have spent our holidays in Velem. This town is part of the nature reserve Irottkö at the foot of the mountains and is a favourite destination in the area of Köszeg . Close to the village, on the top of the hill Saint Vid (589 m), there is a small white chapel with red roof. The popularity of the place is underlined by the fantastic view and the wonderful nature. 

In my block, I showed the diversity of the wood with hexagons in different shades of green. 

Ágnes L., Hugary: St. Vid - Velem