The 1” Template Free Family

1” Template Free Family

The 1 Inch Template-Free Family is not appreciably different from the 2 Inch Template-Free Family that we introduced in Techniques: Template-Free Piecing. Its members are just smaller... ;-) This is certainly not for the faint hearted: Squares with a finished size of 1” or 2.5 cm need a little time to get used to and certainly a great deal of dexterity to master.

Still, the resulting blocks are a pleasure to look at and really make your heart sing! So come along and dance with us down the 1” lane… ;-)

Miniature Quilt

Materials needed:

  • Rotary cutter and cutting mat
  • Ruler (Scrapmaster Tool - optional)
  • Small scraps (strips, squares, odd shapes)
  • Optional: container with a lid to store fabric pieces


  • Carefully press the scraps without distorting strips or stretching bias edges.
  • Measure the scraps and re-cut to the appropriate 1” Template Free Family size: 

Strips: 1 ½” or 4 cm wide (length is determined by the overall size of the scrap)

Squares: 1 ½” or 4 cm

Half-square triangles: 1 7/8” or 5 cm => cut once diagonally

Quarter-square triangles: 2 ¼” or 6 cm => cut twice diagonally

Family Members

  • Store in a container labelled “1” Template-Free Family” and save for future scrappy (miniature) projects.


  • If you need to transform odd-shaped scraps into 1 7/8” half-square triangle equivalents, please refer to the previous chapter within the Scrap Management series.

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