The 2013 Quilt Trip to England and Wales

The 2013 Quilt Trip to England and Wales

The 2013 quilt trip takes us to England and Wales - threading our path through the beautiful English and Welsh landscape to find the quilt treasures on display here. And not only the quilt treasures! Some places closely related to much-liked authors like Jane Austen, but also Elisabeth Gaskell and the Bronte-Sisters, are also part of our itinerary.

The trip will find its culmination at this year's Festival of Quilts in Birmingham which, for Quilt around the World, will be a most interesting experience since we will exhibit 17 quilts resulting from our first International Block Swap at stand O12.

We will try to give everybody who can't be on the bus with us some insight on our "adventures". This travel diary is being written while still on the road, so it might not be always possible to post daily report, but we will do our best...

Victoria & Albert

The Victoria & Albert Museum in London

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