25connections - #1 - #25 Astrid B., Germany

25connections Quilt Astrid B., Germany

Activity: 25connections

Issue: #1 - #25

Name of the quilter: Astrid B.

Country: Germany


This is what Astrid says about her finished 25connections quilt:

A few months ago, I found your website. The 25connections project sounded interesting and so I got involved in this experiment. From one square to the next, I was more and more captivated. Here, I'm sending you a photo of my result.  

25connections Quilt Astrid B., Germany


Editor's Note: Thank you, dear Astrid, for showing us this faboulous 25connections quilt! Congratulations! We'll be happy to include your master piece in one of our planned exhibitions for 2018 so that many quilters can admire it in its full beauty and follow the coincidental connections...