The 3rd International Block Swap

The 3rd International Block Swap

This activity is over! Please do not send blocks anymore!

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IBS3 Block Gallery


The idea

The sun is the brightest central celestial body of our universe and the most important star for humanity. Life on our planet is only possible because the sun sends its warming heat and its light rays down to us on the earth.

For thousands of years, countless myths about the sun developed and in many cultures the sun was worshiped as a powerful god. So prayed Romans and Greeks to Helios and Sol, who crossed the sky from east to west in his sun chariot and thus gave new life every new day.

Even today, people celebrate solstice festivals as before the Incas or the Celts and throughout Scandinavia the Midsommar, when the sun never sets, is considered the best time of year. Many people are fascinated by be the natural spectacle of a solar eclipse  enjoy the morning or evening sunshine and love sunflowers.

IBS3 - In the Sun - Sunrise in the Mountains

What do you personally associate with the sun? Tell us with your quilt motif!

We invite you, dear quilters around the world to our third International Block Swap (IBS3). Design 9 quilt blocks on the motto "In the Sun" and send them to us. All participants will be grouped into teams, within which the 9 blocks will be exchanged by our team. So you will receive your own block and 8 different blocks from quilters around the world.

Join us and become part of an exciting international quilt activity!

In our IBS3 Block Gallery you can see, what other IBS3 participants are up to...


The Rules

Sew 9 IDENTICAL (i.e. the same design motif) blocks 9" x 9" or 23 cm x 23 cm plus a seam allowance of 1/4“ or 0.75 cm on each side.

The motto is "In the Sun". Therefore, the blocks MUST contain the colour YELLOW. Additional colours MAY be used. Please use only good quality, prewashed cotton fabric.

You may use any textile technique or any block pattern. If you use embellishments, please make sure that these don‘t exceed a depth of 1/4" or 0.75 cm and that the block can still be quilted.

Please enclose 9 picture postcards of your town/region/country in your block package. You may use the postcard to convey as much information about yourself as you wish (eg. hobbies, family, e-mail and/or mail address etc.).

You can submit more than one set of blocks if you like, but the participation fee is payable for each set of blocks.


Deadline: 31 May 2016


All important rules can also be found in our IBS3-Info Flyer for Download: ibs3-flyer_en.pdf

We will send out the swapped blocks approx. four to six weeks after this deadline.

Please make sure that your blocks comply with the rules. Should you have any questions, please contact us. Unfortunately, blocks which don‘t comply with these rules, cannot be included in the IBS3 and will be returned. In this case, we will not be able to refund the registration fee.


Setting Sun

How it works

All participating blocks will be grouped into teams of 9 quilters. Within these teams, the blocks will be exchanged so that all team members receive the same combination of blocks.

We are often asked how we guarantee that the blocks go well together. The simple answer is: We don’t! The only criterion for the combination of the block teams is the proportion of each nation compared to the total number of participants.

For each IBS3 block package we will donate 1 Euro to Doctors without Borders (


The Sunshine Community Quilt

We would like to have a lasting reminder of the IBS3 and to this end are asking you to make and send an extra block on a voluntary basis, of course. All donated blocks will be assembled to a large “Sunshine” community quilt which will be exhibited at quilt shows for a good cause.


The Registration Fee

The registration fee for EACH set of blocks is as follows:

25 Euros

Through this fee we will cover the packaging and postage for returning the swapped block packages to our participants around the world and some of the follow-up activities like exhibitions, catalogue etc.

IBS3-Info Flyer for Download: ibs3-flyer_en.pdf

IBS3 Registration Fee: Pay in our Webshop

IBS3 Registration Form: ibs3-registrationform.pdf


Sunny Lanes

Why you should participate

  • You will join an international exchange among quilters around the world and have the opportunity to meet new people and to make new friendships across national and cultural borders.
  • You will be supporting a very worthy charity whilst indulging in your favourite hobby.
  • Your IBS3 block will be published in our IBS3 block gallery on the Internet.
  • You have the chance to participate in our follow-up activities (travelling exhibition, catalogue) with the sun quilt (or other textile work) sewn from your nine swapped IBS3 blocks.
  • You can also win something! Among all participants we’ll raffle off fabric packages and quilt notions.


We explicitly invite ALL patchwork and quilt friends, no matter whether novice, occasional quilter or textile artist, to participate in our IBS3 project. So please understand that perhaps not all blocks will be “perfect” in your eyes.

Regarding the swap teams we do our best to make sure that the teams are as international as possible. However, this strongly depends on the origin of the blocks we receive.

We expect that in each team there will be included one or more “exotic blocks” because we’re constantly working towards expanding our international contacts. But you will certainly also find a few blocks from quilters of German-speaking countries.