49mysteries - # 11 - Ulla

49mysteries - # 11 - Ulla

Activity: 49mysteries

Issue: #11

Name of the quilter: Ulla

Country: Germany

What Ulla says about her 49mysteries block:

The hint with the tropical fruit was a little too direct. I knew at once that this would be some kind of pinapple pattern. No, here I went on strike and made something very differently on purpose. Very difficult to piece, but I like the result.

Somehow, you can't recognize a tropical fruit in my block but I didn't want to make the obvious pineapple pattern. Like this, you can at least imagine to see a star fruit. In any case, I had fun with the riddle and it contained more pieces again. Somehow, I can better with this kind of instructions.


49mysteries - # 11 - Ulla