49mysteries - #7 - LisaHexe

49mysteries - #7 - LisaHexe

Activity: 49mysteries

Issue: #7

Name of the quilter: LisaHexe

Country: Germany

What LisaHexe says about her 49mysteries block:

Medium block with many pieces and a nine patch as basis. I love that. A few Flying Geese and at least three colours.

The nine patch is my favourite basic block, so this is sketched quickly and easily. Three forms in different sizes wouldn't be that difficult either, but... In the end I only have two forms. Well. Not a problem.

Thought process: Where do the Flying Geese make most sense? Basically only in the outer squares either in the middle or in the corners. And where do they fly to? Towards the centre or towards the sides? Again two possibilities - so there will be two blocks. It's unbelievable how many different patterns there are in crafts, no matter whether it's sewing, knitting, crochet etc.

49mysteries - #7 - LisaHexe

49mysteries - #7 - LisaHexe 2

The rest of the block was drawn quickly. So I have two blocks which are identical except for the outer squares in the middle of the rows, but in the end they are quite different.