50pictures No. 45 Silver Fern

50pictures No. 45 Silver Fern

The Silver fern with its height of up to 10 meters is located in New Zealand and is mainly found in high altitudes in the tropics and subtropics and spread in humid rain and cloud forests. It is is the local national plant and one of the most important symbols of the island nation in the Pacific Ocean. Its branches are displayed in New Zealand's Coat of Arms.
The indigenous people of New Zealand, the Maori, call the fern "ponga". According to the legend, the fern originally grew in the sea. The Maori asked the silver fern to come ashore and illuminate the forests of the country to assist the collectors and warriors in the darkness of night to lead them on the right path.

The slowly unfolding rolled young fronds, in the Maori language called "koru", are a popular pattern that stands for a new beginning, growth and strength in Maori culture.

50pictures No. 45 Silver Fern

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If you want to take on this challenge, you are asked to create a miniature quilt based on this photo and write a few sentences on your thoughts and inspiration for your piece. It is not necessary to recreate the motif in fabric. It should be clear however, from the quilt itself and/or from your comment, how the photo inspired your piece.

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