*Agnieszka K., Poland: Pierniki Szczecinskie

Agnieszka K., Poland: Pierniki Szczecinskie

Name of the quilter: Agnieszka K.

Name of the block: Pierniki Szczecinskie - Szczecin Gingerbreads

Country: Poland

Size: 12" by 12" (30 cm by 30 cm)

Inspirations for my block are ginger cakes baked in the cake shop I am working for. Once I heard about the project I already knew I should use a regional product and cakes are ideal for that purpose!

Our ginger cakes are very famous and loved by the customers. They are baked in different shapes of X-mas trees, reindeers, stars, angels, Easter eggs, Easter chickens, etc, but the most popular are marine shapes: anchor, sailboat, vessel, fish,... and my project is dedicated to these shapes.

First, I designed "cake" shape appliques. All four have been appliqued on the block. The background is the Polish national flag. All letterings are hand stitched. The anchor shape cake has my nickname stitched on it.

The colours of my block are referring to the old baking recipes: icing has no artificial colours and the cakes are made only from natural ingredients. The name of the city where the cakes are baked is also important: Szczecin so also that name has been placed on the block.

My employer and owner of the cake shop I am working for agreed to use the shape of the cakes in the block and project. He enjoyed the effect.

Agnieszka K., Poland: Pierniki Szczecinskie