*Alejandra vG., Argentina: Rancho de Oma

Alejandra vG., Argentina: Rancho de Oma

Name of the quilter: Alejandra vG.

Name of the block: Rancho de Oma (Grandma's Farm)

Country: Argentina

Size: 12" by 12" (30 cm by 30 cm)


We live in the countryside and make our living from agriculture.  

On the basis of a Log Cabin pattern (in my own way) I have spread our agricultural production: The shades of green stand for the cultivated land in the summer and the brown tones for the grain harvest.

The red represents our farmhouse with a solar panel that generates electricity and water.

Our house is surrounded by a garden and vegetable garden and the circles represent the irrigation. Round the outside we have a field for our cattle, and again fields with irrigation.

Then we have wheat, barley and plowed fields and the driveway from the road with our flag and two groups of trees.

In shades of green we have corn, sunflowers and soybeans followed by a metallic silo in gray and two bag silos in white. The embroidered lines represent the surrounding wire fence.

Thank you for this opportunity to tell you about me and my life.

Alejandra vG., Argentina: Rancho de Oma