*Anke C. (DE): Forest Labyrinth

Where do you come from? - Forest Labyrinth_Anke

Name of the Block: Forest Labyrinth

Name of the Quilter: Anke C.

Country: Germany

Size: 12" by 12" (30 cm by 30 cm)

The different shapes, the diverse materials and especially the meaning of labyrinths have fascinated me for a long time and have become an important symbol of my life.

Where do you come from? - Forest Labyrinth_Anke

In my private as well as my professional life, I’m always - consciously or unconsciously - walking in a labyrinth, which, however, is not to be confused with a maze. Here, there is only one right way to the center; there are no dead ends or intersections. However, just as in real life – in a labyrinth there are no shortcuts and on the confusing path you easily lose your orientation.  

Sometimes, I doubt if I'm still on the right track and even think of turning back. However, after the next curve I can suddenly see my goal very close-by. But just before reaching it I’m once again forced to make a detour and must walk another long loop around the labyrinth - in the figurative and literal sense.

In these moments, I sometimes get annoyed, but looking back I realize that the alleged detour was absolutely necessary in order to finally reach the middle.  

Thus, the way through the labyrinth requires a lot of patience, confidence in your own abilities and decisions, but also a lot of courage and curiosity, because at the entrance of the intertwined labyrinth of life we can’t see the actual center yet.

But I find it very reassuring to know that, no matter how long it takes and how many times I have to change direction along the way, I’ll definitely reach my goal at a certain point.  

The motive for my hand appliquéd labyrinth with some embroidered beads comes from our small forest near Freising and is part of a beautifully landscaped nature trail.

 Where do you come from? - Anke: Labyrinth Detail   Where do you come from? Labyrinth Plantage

It was created on the model of a traditional Cretan labyrinth with various hedges and bushes. The path to the center has seven windings and is about 400 meters long.

 Where do you come from? Labyrinth Plantage   Where do you come from? Labyrinth Plantage

In the middle there are small wooden benches where you can sit down, let your mind wander and simply enjoy the peaceful nature.

My absolute favorite place!