*Anke C. (DE): St. Marien

St. Marien Block

Name of the block: St. Marien

Name of the quilter: Anke C.

Country: Germany

Size: 12" by 12" (30 cm by 30 cm)

For our family, the island of Rügen in the Baltic Sea (Europe) is the most beautiful tourist destination in Germany. Although for us the Mediterranean sea would be much closer, it always draws us back to the north. There, we not only enjoy the fresh sea breeze, the long sandy beaches and cozy afternoons in the typical roofed wicker beach chairs, or the walks along the chalk cliffs or in the Jasmund National Park, but especially the rich cultural heritage of the island.

Thus, the inspiration for my classic square block with four small squares in the middle with triangles and stripes in different contrasting colors around the center comes from St. Mary's Church in Bergen.

In this church the columns and arches are all painted with some very sophisticated geometric patterns in different shades, which I can’t get enough of. I chose a small detail as a template for this block design.

Woher kommst Du - Rügen  St. Maria's Block

The orginal colors in shades of rosewood, dark red and off-white are not my favorite tones and it took me quite a while to come up with a more "modern" color combination in turquoise and dark brown. These colors stand for my favorite ice cream: Mint Chocolate Chips.... This ice cream is also available in Rügen!

Mint Choco Chip Block