*Annemarie A, Germany: Schwäbischer Mann

Annemarie A, Germany: Schwäbischer Mann

Name of the quilter: Annemarie A

Name of the Block: Schwäbischer Mann

Country: Germany

Size: 6" x 9" (15 cm x 22.5 cm)

My block is called "Schwäbischer Mann" which means "Swabian Man". This is a type of timber-frame architecture which you can find frequently in the south of Germany. The beams are placed in a way which resembles a man spreading both arms and legs in order to support a large weight. The townhall which was my source of inspiration even has double bars in the middle, i.e. four arms and four legs. It is supposed to reflect the Swabians' mentality: persevering and down-to-earth...

I come from Esslingen on the Neckar, a town with ca. 90,000 inhabitants. We still have many timber-frame houses that are very old. Some go back to the 13th century. In Esslingen, you can see a wide range of different half-timber varieties. 

I used the "Old Townhall" as source of inspiration. It was built in 1422 as merchant and tax house. It is exemplar for medieval half-timbered architecture. The colour of the bay sections (these are the sections between the wooden beams) really are as red as in my block. The names of the colours are "oxblood red" and "Morellensalzrot" [Note of the editor: We weren't able to find a translation for this word!] . I used a shade which is closest to the original. The wooden beams are oak and were painted a dark brown which lends a certain gravity to the building.

The block was made using Foundation Piecing.

Annemarie A, Germany: Schwäbischer Mann