*Annemarie H., Germany: Rot-Weiss

Annemarie H., Germany: Rot-Weiss

Name of the quilter: Annemarie H.

Name of the block: Rot-Weiss

Country: Germany

Size: 9" by 6" (22.5 cm by 15 cm)

Rot-Weiß (red and white), or as they say in Cologne "Rut-Wiess" are the colours of the town of my birth Cologne and they are at the same time the colour of the Hanseatic Leage. Cologne used to be an important Hanseatic city. 

The coat of arms has the following meaning:

The three crowns on the red background should be a remembrance of the three Magi. Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa brought their bones to Cologne as a present in 1164. The eleven flames on white background remind us of the legend of Saint Ursula. It is said that she was killed by Huns who laid siege to the town. Ursula was on her way back from a pilgrimage to Rome and was accompanied by 10 companions. The legend says that Cologne was liberated from the Huns by this martyrdom.

Cologne is the only town whose coat of arms is based on a legend.

Red and white are also the colours of my "new" home Frankonia where I have lived since 1991. So I have come full circe.

Annemarie H., Germany: Rot-Weiss