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The idea

Starting on November 1, 2019 we will publish an inspiring photo every week with a variety of motifs on the subject "ArchiTEXTure" - for a whole year. These can include photos with interesting aspects of old and modern facades and technical constructions, as well as striking typography and close-ups of various textures and surface structures.

                                             Living Level Tower Berlin   

                             Photo #1: Living Levels Tower in Berlin, Germany

                            Download as PDF: architexture_no1_livinglevels_en.pdf


Curious quilters from all over the world, whether beginners, occasional quilters or textile artists, are cordially invited to take part in our new ArchiTEXTure Challenge. Interpret one or more of the photo motifs and freely create a miniature quilt according to your personal imaginations. Describe your motivation and inspiration for your textile work in a short accompanying text.

An international jury will evaluate all submitted quilts according to objective criteria and give you an expert and constructive feedback on your work. In previous projects of Quilt around the World it turned out that the professional feedback and well-meant comments of the jurors were very valuable and helpful for many participants and were gratefully accepted.

In autumn 2021, we want to present the submitted works in a ArchiTEXTure Exhibition. The exact date and place will be announced in good time.

Correos Spain  Photo #2: Typical Letterbox in Spain

The Rules

Let our photos inspire you to design your very own textile creations. The aim of our Challenge is NOT to create a photo motif that is as true to the original as possible. The theme "ArchiTEXTure" invites you to play with geometric forms, to experiment with different (textile) materials and sewing techniques and to explore the many possibilities of textile surface design.

The quilt must consist of three layers (top, batting, back) and have closed edges. The quilt should be 12" wide x 30" high or 30 cm wide x 75 cm high, whereby a tolerance of 5% is accepted. The quilt should have a 2" or 5 cm wide tunnel on the back and should be clearly and indetachably marked with the name of the work and the name and address of the participant.

There are no restrictions regarding the colours, techniques and (textile) materials used.

Please note the following points:

  • The top must be treated with needle and thread.
  • Photo prints will only be accepted if they are integrated into a design and further processed.
  • Be inspired by the ideas of others, but don't just copy them. You have enough of your own creative imagination!
  • Non-textile ornaments may also be used, but should not exceed a thickness of ¼" or 0.6 cm.
  • Do not use potentially dangerous, pointed, sharp-edged, staining materials or materials that can break, bend or come off easily. No perishable materials may be used in or on the work.

Please include a short comment (max. 150 words) with your quilt, explaining why you chose this particular photo, the association you have with the motif, and how you have used it in your quilt.

Important: Neither the name of the quilt nor the comment may reveal your identity.

                                          A Coruna Facades

               Photo #3: Unique glass facades in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain  


How to participate

Every week we publish a new inspiring photo in the public area on If you like a motif, you can use it for your own creative quilting ideas at any time, free of charge and without further obligation. Please note, however, that all ArchiTEXTure photos are protected by copyright and may therefore only be used within the context of this project.

For active participation in the ArchiTEXTure Challenge and the planned ArchiTEXTure Exhibition, a participation fee of

  • 25 Euro for the 1st Quilt*
  • 10 Euro for each additional quilt

will be charged.

*Please add 10 € for shipping to EU countries outside Germany and 15 € for the rest of the world.

This participation fee includes the assessment of your work(s) by certified quilt jurors, a participation certificate, participation in the exhibition and return shipment.

Please register all quilts you would like to submit with this registration form:

Registration form

Closing date: 31 July 2021

After the closing date, we will send you an invoice for all registered quilts. After receipt of payment of the registration fee, we will again notify you to send us your finished quilt(s) to

Quilt around the World GmbH
Groß-Nabas-Str. 3
D-81827 Munich

Of course, all registered works that meet the rules of the ArchiTEXTure Challenge are allowed to participate. There will be no pre-selection for participation in the travelling exhibition.

We - and all other curious participants - would of course be very happy if you could send us some photos of your finished quilt in advance to Photos of all works and comments will be published – initially anonymously - in our ArchiTEXTure Online Gallery throughout the project.


An international jury of experienced and certified quilt judges will provide expert and constructive feedback on all entries.

The criteria are:

  • Originality of the idea and the design
  • Representation of the photo in the quilt and in the explanation
  • Execution and use of materials

Since this challenge is a personal creative challenge for you and not a race for the best places, there will be no ranking and therefore no "best" quilts. With your extraordinary ideas you are all winners for us anyway and so we will raffle attractive prizes among all participants.


Why you should participate

  • You get weekly inspiration for new quilt projects - for a whole year.
  • Your quilt will be published in our ArchiTEXTure Online Gallery. So you can compare your interpretation of a photo with other quilters from all over the world. However, we reserve the right not to publish a quilt, e.g. in case of copyright problems.
  • Your quilt will participate in the ArchiTEXTure Exhibition and will be shown at least at one quilt festival, depending on the size of the exhibition space provided.
  • International quilt jurors will evaluate your quilt according to objective criteria and give you expert and constructive feedback with valuable comments for your further artistic development when returning of your work.
  • All participants will receive a certificate of participation.
  • Attractive prizes will be raffled among all participants.