archiTEXTure #19-1: Playing with Shapes I

archiTEXTure 19: #archiTEXTure #aninspirationaday

Name of the quilt: Playing with Shapes I

archiTEXTure photo: #19

Quilt: #19-1

Please note that we are publishing all entries for our archiTEXTure challenge* anonymously. We are doing this because all these pieces will be assessed by a team of international quilt judges. The professional ethics of judging quilts require that the maker remain anonymous as not to influence the judging by existing friendships or - hopefully rarely - animosities.

What the maker says about her piece:

How can the three-dimensional effect of the hexagonal wall elements be translated into a textile piece? This question I pursued in my quilt "Playing with Shapes I".

In order to mimic this three-dimensional visual effect, I shifted the axes within the hexagons slightly to the left and deliberately chose lighter and darker shades for the individual elements sewn together using the English Paper Piecing method. By using two layers of batting, the unquilted elements stand out, while the elements quilted with very dense matchstick quilting form valleys and thus seem to be receding into the background.

archiTEXTure 19: #archiTEXTure #aninspirationaday


archiTEXTure 19: #archiTEXTure #aninspirationaday


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