archiTEXTure #19-2: Brickwall in 3D

archiTEXTure #19-2: Brickwall in 3D

Name of the quilt: Brickwall in 3D

archiTEXTure photo: #19

Quilt: #19-2

Please note that we are publishing all entries for our archiTEXTure challenge* anonymously. We are doing this because all these pieces will be assessed by a team of international quilt judges. The professional ethics of judging quilts require that the maker remain anonymous as not to influence the judging by existing friendships or - hopefully rarely - animosities.

What the maker says about her piece:

The intricate pattern of the brickwall attracted me immediately and inspired me to translate it into textiles - as close as possible to the original motif. Already when first studying the photo, the hexagons jumped out at me which are broken down into many small areas of the same colour in different shades.

The solution was: English Paper Piecing! The white mortar joints seemed important and putting them into my quilt wasn't easy. It was just as well that this would be a challenging, exacting project with lots of hand sewing requiring patience and accuracy. During the Covid-19 shutdown I had time, peace and quiet and the necessary concentration for this challenge. 

At the same time, I was limited to my existing stash of scraps because my favourite patchwork shop was closed. I am not 100% satisfied with the 3D effect. For that I probably haven't found the best possible quilting pattern. But my quilt gave me many happily employed hours "in the flow" and will always remind me of these peculiar times.

archiTEXTure #19-2: Brickwall in 3D