archiTEXTure #21-1: Colour Burst

ColourBurst #archiTEXTure #textileart #patchwork #inspiration

Name of the quilt: Colour Burst

archiTEXTure photo: #21

Quilt: #21-1


What the maker says about the design:

The colour gradations in rainbow colours and the narrow stairs on archiTEXTure photo #21 were my inspiration and motivation for this work. The way the "white" sunlight is broken down into its spectral colours by a prism hanging from my living room window, making the individual colour components visible as stripes in the room - and the fact that I am sometimes in the middle of this play of colours, always fascinates me.

So I looked through all my scrap boxes to find fabric strips that match the colours for this project and stitched them over paper foundations to create my work entitled "Colour Burst".

ColourBurst #archiTEXTure #textileart #patchwork #inspiration

I quilted my piece with the machine in different slightly shimmering yarns matching the background colours. To accentuate the narrow stairs I sometimes quilted in very narrow straight lines and left some strips unquilted in between to create an interesting texture.

ColourBurst #archiTEXTure #textileart #patchwork #inspiration


Please note that we are publishing all entries for our archiTEXTure challenge* anonymously. We are doing this because all these pieces will be assessed by a team of international quilt judges. The professional ethics of judging quilts require that the maker remain anonymous as not to influence the judging by existing friendships or - hopefully rarely - animosities.