archiTEXTure #3-1: St. Galler Lace

St. Galler Spitzen #archiTEXTure #patchwork #textileart #inspiration

Name of the quilt: St. Galler Lace

archiTEXTure photo: #3

Quilt: #03-1


What the quilter says about her design:

Browsing your website I discovered photo #3 with the house front in A Coruña. Immediately I thought about all the beautiful white St. Gallen lace. Since I grew up in St. Gallen I did some research on both cities.
I decided to design the windows framed with lace. In the upper window, I added a silkscreen of the Säntis I bought. The Säntis can be seen well from St. Gallen. The next 6 windows I filled with lace from the famous Schläpfer St. Gallen company. In the lower windows, I created a landscape with the ocean where A Coruña is located.

Both cities are on or near the Way of St. James, so here's the connection. By the way, I grew up on the Way of St. James in a house that once belonged to the St.Gallen Monastery. For some years I even walked on the Way of St. James on my daily way to school, only I didn't know about it then!

Name of the quilt: St. Galler Lace  archiTEXTure photo: #3  Quilt: #03-1

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