This is a very personal part of Quilt around the World – perhaps the most personal. Here you will find • serious and not so serious articles about whatever quilting or textile issue came into our heads • some insights into our lives at and apart from Quilt around the World • regular polls on any topic to do with quilting, patchwork and other textile crafts and • occasionally even a cartoon depicting especially funny situations we found ourselves in (coming soon).

Time for Something New

Quilt around the World

Since we founded Quilt around the World back in 2010, we have achieved a lot and look back on our projects with pride...

Peaceful Holidays!

We wish you peaceful holidays and a healthy, happy and creative New Year 2017!

This makes us smile: Donation to Doctors without Borders

This makes us smile: Donation to Doctors without Borders

Running Quilt around the World brings a smile to our faces very, very frequently. So we have decided to share these smiles with you from time to time.

For some time we had been discussing within the team whether we should allow visitors to our galleries to take pictures of the quilts on show. The debate covered all arguments and nearly all conceivable positions. Nobody in the team was really satisfied with putting up signs forbidding the picture taking and then having to approach people who disregarded the signs. Neither were we satisfied with the matter of course approach some quilters take assuming that it is their implicit right to photograph everything and anything.

Book Release - Heidemarie Mönkemeyer's "Wort und Faden - Word and Thread"

Heide Mönkemeyer

NEW: Browse the book by downloading the excerpt in the main article!

We are very happy to present a new, inspirational book project published in co-operation with Heidemarie Mönkemeyer, textile artist from Ottersberg and dear friend here at Quilt around the World:

"Wort und Faden - Word and Thread"



Due to many commitments, we have run up a considerable back log which unfortunately has resulted in some publication delays for My Year of Design and for 50pictures quilts. We apologize and strive to get up to date as soon as possible.

Should anybody wonder: The theme for the May edition of My Year of Design will be the art of the "old" Egyptians...

The Brain Battle

The Brain Battle

Or: Not everything is always as it seems

Q-Perspectives Autumn 2014

Q-Perspectives Autumn 2014

For all quilt friends who like to take their time to read or file and keep new inspirations and quilt tutorials, we now have a new service: Starting with this issue, our paying members can download a PDF version of QPerspectives including all featured quilt patterns, some bonus material and interesting articles.

Art Quilts

Art Quilts

Or: If you call a donkey a horse, will it start to whinny?

Jutta Hufnagel

Day Trip: Exhibition „Art & Textiles“ at the State Gallery Stuttgart

Yinka Shonibare, Food Faerie

We can be very spontaneous here at Quilt around the World - if we like a project, we start it although it would sometimes be better for our time schedules and nerves to finish other tasks before... ;-)

Along this principle, we decided to organize for Sunday, May 18, 2014, a day trip by bus from Munich to the State Gallery in Stuttgart with a special guided tour in German through the exhibition "Art & Textiles."

©Yinka Shonibare, Food Faerie, 2011, Courtesy Yinka Shonibare und Blain/Southern, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart Ausstellung “Art & Textile”

A Quilt(ed) Journey

A Quilt(ed) Journey

The life of us quilts is fairly uneventful.

Right at our conception admittedly, there is some major excitement. Fabrics are chosen, patterns are researched, and sewing utensils are frantically searched for. Cutting tools are sharpened and matching threads are purchased. The sewing machine prepares for a heavy workout. Design ideas are conceived, evaluated, and sometimes overthrown again. Crisis breaks out when it becomes evident that the focus fabric will run out before  we are finished.

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