Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes gives you just that: a peek behind the curtains of Quilt around the World. You will have the opportunity to get a glimpse of the making of Quilt around the World, our smaller and bigger successes and what in a film would be called an 'outtake'. You will, for example, be able to watch Johann sewing his first quilt block or Jutta getting desperate in the midst of piles and piles of scraps that refuse to get organized.

Visit the Artist: Brigitte Lüthi

Brigitte Lüthi #quiltartist #artquilt #textileart

As for the entire planet, Covid19 made fundamental changes also to the quilting world. No shows, very little possibilities to meet other quilters, closed quilt shops. This is a sacrifice we all have to make. At the same time, we keep telling ourselves that we should be grateful for all the little joys and opportunities we still have.

Much more than little joy was involved in our private visit to Brigitte Lüthi's workroom in Ebnat-Kappel in Switzerland...

Colour Dreams - Color Grab meets EQ8

Colour Dreams #patchwork #aninspirationaday #colour

Over the last weeks, we have occasionally shared results from Jutta's new "playground" - the Colour Dreams quilt designs. If you haven't seen these previous posts, please go to "Colour Dreams - Autumn Leaves" which is the first "chapter" in this adventurous colour experiment.

Now there is some progress - we are pleased to invite you to follow our tutorial showing how to combine results from the app "Color Grab" with the patchwork design software EQ8.

Colour Dreams - Autumn Leaves - The First Pieced Block!

Colour Dreams #patchwork #aninspirationaday #colour

Just a brief update on Jutta's first Colour Dreams experiment - the first block is pieced!

Colour Dreams - The Autumn Leaves Story Continues

Colour Dreams #patchwork #aninspirationaday #colour

It started out as a little playing around on Jutta's telephone. Now the "story" auf the Autumn Leaves photo takes up speed - the fabric for the quilt project "Autumn Leaves" have been purchased!

A Bucket Full of Oranges...

Octagon Patchwork Block #patchwork #octagonny #aninspirationaday

As you already know, we really like octagons (see also the sneak preview of "Octagonny"!). And, as it happens, we also love fresh orange juice. This is the reason why we buy oranges by the bucket which we also consider to be reasonably sustainable because you can reuse the buckets afterwards...

Colour Dreams - Autumn Leaves meet Quilt

Colour Dreams #patchwork #aninspirationaday #colour

Two weeks ago, Jutta posted the first photo for her new "colour grabbing" experiment - autumn leaves with very intriguing colours...

Octagonny - Sneak Preview

Swirling Star #patchwork #quilt #octagon #red #blue

With archiTEXTure, We celebrate! and our Bauhaus Special, you might think that there is already a lot going on on the Quilt around the World stage for everyone to see. Behind the scenes, we are cooking up some more exciting ideas which will be front and centre next year. One of these projects will be "Octagonny", a series of octagon blocks to be published in a two weeks rhythm on our brand-new online learning platform. As usual with detailed instructions and step-by-step diagrams so piecing these exciting blocks will be a piece of cake!

Colour Dreams - Autumn Leaves meet Patchwork Block

Colour Dreams #patchwork #aninspirationaday #colour

Finding intriguing colour combinations is one thing. Playing around with technical gadgets yet another. But how can such accidental findings be advanced to become a beautiful quilt?

Colour Dreams - Autumn Leaves

Colour Dreams #patchwork #aninspirationaday #colour

People who know Jutta a little better will be hugely surprised to hear that she has found a new gadget, and not just any nifty quilting tool, but an app for her phone...

Patchwork Puzzle ZWEI

Patchwork Puzzle ZWEI   #patchwork #blockmysteries

Some of you will remember our series then called "49mysteries". We published a block mystery every week with the solution and detailed piecing instruction following in the subsequent week together with the next mystery block...

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