Everything related to our 4th International Block Swap

IBS4 Block: Annelise F, CH*

IBS4 Block: Annelise F, CH

Name of the quilter: Annelise F

Name of the block: Dandelion

Country: Switzerland

IBS4 Block: María Alba M, ES***

IBS4 Block: Ma Alba M, ES

Name of the quilter: María Alba M

Name of the block: Octubre

Country: Spain

IBS4 Block: Cornelia W, CH*

IBS4 Block: Cornelia W, CH

Name of the quilter: Cornelia W

Name of the block: Flowering Meadow

Country: Switzerland

IBS4 Block: Claudine G, CH*

IBS4 Block: Claudine G, CH

Name of the quilter: Claudine G

Name of the block: Chlorophyll

Country: Switzerland

10 days left till deadline...

10 days left till deadline...

... and more and more block packages arrive every day!

Important: Those among you who have known us for some time know anyway that deadlines are never that strict at Quilt around the World. If you'd really like to be part of this block swap and if February 28 is somewhat tight, please register before deadline and let us know when we can expect your blocks.

IBS4 Block: Kirsten L, DE*

IBS4 Block: Kirsten L, DE

Name of the quilter: Kirsten L

Name of the block: Liberty

Country: Germany

IBS4 Block: Marta R, ES*

IBS4 Block: Marta R, ES

Name of the quilter: Marta R

Name of the block: Back to Nature

Country: Spain

IBS4 Block: Maria-Luisa P, ES*

IBS4 Block: Maria-Luisa P, ES

Name of the quilter: Maria-Luisa P

Name of the block: Hojas de primavera (Spring Foilage)

Country: Spain

IBS4 Block: Pablo C, ES*

IBS4 Block: Pablo C, ES

Name of the quilter: Pablo C

Name of the block: The Manzanico

Country: Spain

IBS4 Block: Carmen H, ES*

IBS4 Block: Carmen H, ES

Name of the quilter: Carmen H

Name of the block: Layers of the Earth

Country: Spain

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