Everything related to our 4th International Block Swap

IBS4 - The Tawny Owl

IBS4 - The Tawny Owl

For IBS4, we have decided to use the names of animals from all over the world which are endangered or threatened with extinction.

We would like to ask you, all our readers, to nominate species from your continent to become an IBS4 "representative"...

IBS4 Block: Cindy B., US*

IBS4 Block: Cindy B., US

Name of the quilter: Cindy B.

Name of the block: Dragonfly

Country: United States

IBS4 Block: Jutta H, DE*

IBS4 Block: Jutta H, DE

Name of the quilter: Jutta H

Name of the block: Kuckucksblume (cuckoo flower)

Country: Germany

IBS4 - Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some questions we have received from quilters since we have started our International Block Swaps.

You are very welcome to contact us any time at info@quilt-around-the-world.com if you have doubts or questions concerning any aspect of the swap. We will answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Le 4ème Échange de Blocs International (IBS4)

Le 4ème Échange International de Blocs

En mai 2017, nous commencerons notre 4ème Échange International de Blocs avec la devise "Retour à la Nature" et vous invitons, chers quilters du monde entier, peu importe si débutant(e), quilter occasionel(le) ou artiste textile professionel(le), à rejoindre notre projet international et multiculturel!

Cuarto Intercambio Internacional de Bloques (IBS4)

Cuarto Intercambio Internacional de Bloques

Todos estamos rodeados por un entorno natural. Pasar tiempo al aire libre y ponerse en contacto con la naturaleza nos ayuda a calmar nuestras mentes, respirar aire fresco y vivenciar paz y tranquilidad.

¿Cuales son tus asociaciones con la naturaleza? Cuenta tu historia con un patrón de bloques!

Os invitamos, quilters de todo el mundo, a participar en nuestro Cuarto Intercambio Internacional de Bloques (IBS4) con el tema "Volver a la Naturaleza"....

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