If you have ever read Asterix and Obelix, you don't need an explanation of the name of these mini-projects. For those among you who have never read Asterix and Obelix, please go to the nearest library and ask for at least one copy of this classic cartoon telling the stories of the last unconquered Gallic village during the reign of the Roman emperors. If the nearest library is closed, then let us tell you that sesterces are coins representing the antique currency used during the particular era when the Gallic heroes withstood the Romans and their attempts to subdue them. Sesterces in Quilt around the World speak are mini-projects resembling large coins with a front and back. Their size allows you to be playful, yet they can be finished quickly. They are meant to unleash the creative potential in you, invite you to try things you have never tried before and produce a small decorative item that doesn't take up a lot of space in either home or life.

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