Whatever you can wear on your body (with the exceptions of bags which have their own category) will be collected in this category. Be prepared for clothing of any kind, bed slippers, scarves, belts, hats, fabric jewellery, and whatever else comes into our heads... You never know, one day we might have our own fashion show...


We love shawls. We have loved them ever since we discovered how feminine, yet practical a light shawl can be: draped over bare shoulders in late summer when an evening breeze brings on some shivers, wound around a neck in early autumn to improve the warmth of light jackets, or just flung over a shoulder to smarten up a simple outfit at the very last minute.

We also love sunprinting. Especially using plastic fake lace table cloths. So we thought that a light fake lace cotton shawl would be just the thing to wind up a very satisfactory sunprinting season. The result is “Fabulous”, although we say it ourselves...

Eostra’s Dream of Spring

Eostra's Dream of Spring

Eostra is derived from Ostara, Eostre or Eostrae, the teutonic goddess of dawn, fertility and spring. The name is derived from the old English name Eosturmonath for the month of April. In one of the more colourful stories about this goddess, she is said to have been the bride of the young earl of May. There are, admittedly, sources telling other tales, but we prefer this one and find it most suitable for our necklace which was made from a piece of bali fabric in pinks and only the slightest hints of grey and purple – in short, the colours of dawn... (3 May 2011)

Winter Valuables

Winter Valuables

Fabric beads are great fun. They are made from very small pieces of fabric and with the help of few accessories and tools can be turned into unique pieces of jewellery. The possibilities really are endless and should you ever decide that you don’t like a piece any more, you can reuse almost all the parts in another project... (02 February 2011)

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Summer Baubles

Summer Baubles

Summer is an interesting time of the year. As soon as the sun comes out and temperatures rise, people start smiling again...

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