Where do you come from?

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*SahabatQiltIndonesia, Indonesia: Rumah Gadang

SahabatQiltIndonesia, Indonesia: Rumah Gadang

Name of the quilter: Sahabat Quilt Indonesia

Name of the block: Rumah Gadang

Country: Indonesia

*Ilona F., Hungary: Tall Chimneys

Ilona F., Hugary: Tall Chimneys

Name of the quilter: Ilona F.

Name of the block: Tall Chimneys

Country: Hungary

*Rita S., Germany: Möhrendorfer Water Wheel

Rita S., Germany: Möhrendorfer Wasserschöpfrad

Name of the quilter: Rita S.

Name of the block: Möhrendorfer WaterWheel

Country: Germany

*Evelyne L., France: Rosace Art Deco

Evelyne L., France: Rosace Art Deco

Name of the quilter: Evelyne L.

Name of the block: Rosace Art Deco

Country: France

*Azéla G., DE: Meine Heimaten (My Home Countries)

Azéla G., DE: Meine Heimaten

Name of the quilter: Azéla G.

Name of the block: Meine Heimaten

Country: Germany

*Paula S., Finland: Log Cabin

Paula S., Finland: Log Cabin

Name of the quilter: Paula S.

Name of the block: Log Cabin

Country: Finland

*Minna L., Finland: Frost & Shadows

Minna L., Finland: Frost & Shadows

Name of the quilter: Minna L.

Name of the block: Frost & Shadows

Country: Finland

*Elbio C., Argentina/Germany: Concha de Peregrino

Elbio C.- concha de peregrino

Name of the Quilter: Elbio C.

Name of the Block: Concha de Peregrino

Country: Argentina/Germany

*Gisela B., Germany: Fächerstadt

Gisela B., Germany: Fächerstadt

Name of the Quilter: Gisela B.

Name of the Block: Fächerstadt

Country: Germany

Where do you come from? - Almost 70 Blocks from 20 Nations so far!

Where do you come from?

It's unbelievable! So far, our "Where do you come from?" tally shows a total of almost 70 blocks from 20 nations!

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