*Azéla G., DE: Meine Heimaten (My Home Countries)

Azéla G., DE: Meine Heimaten

Name of the quilter: Azéla G.

Name of the block: Meine Heimaten (My Home Countries)

Country: Germany

Size: 12" by 12" (30 cm by 30 cm)

The first years of my life in Switzerland on the Lake Geneva, dark and wavy in the middle, towering above the glittery-white alpine mountains. Then the second home in the South of Germany, the Margrave Land: forests of fir trees, fields of corn, golden red leaves of the vines.
In parallel to all this my spiritual home: Mongolia. It finds itself in the design - people are weaving their thoughts. We have come full circle.


Azéla G., DE: Meine Heimaten