Bauhaus 1919-2019: MYoD TWO Special Edition

Bauhaus 1919-2019: MYoD TWO Special Edition

For 100 years, the Bauhaus has inspired and fascinated architects, designers and artists worldwide - and also us!

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In a special edition of “My Year of Design TWO”, we would like to take this anniversary as an opportunity to look more closely at the innovative art and pluralistic teaching at the Bauhaus that have influenced the way of thinking and working of architects, artists and designers around the world for generations.

Join us on a little journey of “thinking and making” at the legendary art school in Weimar, Dessau and Berlin. With entertaining and challenging exercises, we want to familiarize you with some of the basics of design, as they were taught by Johannes Itten and Josef Albers in the preliminary course (“Vorkurs”), adapted for working with textile materials. In addition, we will introduce you to some Bauhaus artists and their work and perhaps open up some new sources of inspiration for your own creative projects.

Farbkreis und Formenlehre

Colour Puzzle

Content: Multimedia-based online self-study course without deadlines or homework with 14 entertaining and challenging design exercises in the style of the Bauhaus teachings, adapted for textile crafters and quilters. Assignments include practical studies from various areas, i.e. architecture, painting, colour and form theory and dance.


Bauhaus Special My Year of Design TWO #Design #Patchwork #Quilt #Textile Art

Bauhaus Special My Year of Design TWO #Design #Patchwork #Quilt #Textile Art

As usual, all exercises and the entire course script can also be downloaded as PDF files so that you can continue your journey of thinking and making also offline.

Participation fee: 15 euros

Duration: The contents of the MYoD2 special edition "Bauhaus 1919 - 2019" will be available on our online learning platform at least until December 31, 2020.

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After registration, you will receive your personal access information to our online learning platform by e-mail.


Invitation to our Bauhaus Challenge

With our “My Year of Design“ exercises, it is of course always entirely up to you how intensively you study the various topics and practical assignments, whether you immerse yourself in your creative thoughts and thus expand your treasure trove of new ideas, roll up your sleeves and work on individual tasks and make your first sketches on paper or experiment with textile materials.

We would like to enrich this special edition “Bauhaus 1919-2019“ of “My Year of Design“ with an additional challenge and cordially invite you to take one or more of the design exercises as inspiration, explore the topic more intensively and develop a small textile work (or several) based on the specific
task definition.


When it comes to format and size of your challenge quilt, we give you a certain “leeway”: Opt for a square or a rectangle, whether horizontal or vertical.

You can choose from the following side lengths in any combination:

  • 10" or 25 cm
  • 14" or 35 cm
  • 18" or 45 cm

Your work should therefore be at least 10" x 10" or 25 x 25 cm. The maximum
size is therefore 18" x 18" or 45 x 45 cm.

Your choice of textile and non-textile materials, colours and sewing techniques is completely free. However, your materials must not be sharpedged,abrasive, fragile or perishable. Your work should have three layers and be max. 1" or 2.5 cm thick including embellishments. On the back of the work there must be a tunnel at least 5 cm wide and a label with your name, the title of the work and your address.

Jury Evaluation and Feedback

An international jury of accredited quilt jurors will evaluate all submitted textile works according to objective criteria and give you an expert and constructive feedback on your quilt. Previous Quilt around the World projects have shown that the professional feedback and benevolent comments of the jurors have been very valuable and helpful to many participants for their further development and have been well received.



Registration: by 31 August 2020 at the latest

Registration form

Participation fee: 25 euros for the first work*, 10 euros for each additional
*plus 10 euros for return shipment to EU countries outside Germany or 15 euros for the rest of the world.

Included in the participation fee are the remuneration for our professional quilt jurors, a certificate of participation, participation in the “Bauhaus Workshow” as well as packaging and postage costs for the return shipment.

Please complete a form for each quilt you would like to enter. We will send you an invoice based on your entries.


Bauhaus Workshow

Provided that a sufficient number of exhibition-able works are submitted for the Bauhaus Challenge, we intend to present them at a quilt festival or gallery as part of a “Bauhaus Workshow“ starting in autumn 2020.

The exact date and location will be announced in good time.

Bauhaus Dessau

Bauhaus Dessau