*Birgit M, DE: Bricks

Birgit M, DE: Bricks

Name of the quilter: Birgit M

Name of the block: Bricks

Country: Germany

Size: 12" by 12" (30 cm by 30 cm)

My roots lie in the north of Germany, in Lower Saxony. Therefore it was clear from the start that my subject would be the red brick which is so rare here in Bavaria. 

My block was inspired by the traditional house in Lower Saxony. The lattice of the front gable with the big entrance gate often bears embellishments, formed by a pattern made from bricks. I recreated such a pattern from my home town in Lower Saxony. 

To compensate all the red, I added a frame with birch trees including a fresh green meadow and a bright blue sky. Together with a brisk wind a wonderful image of a northern German summer!

Birgit M, DE: Bricks