*Blanca B, Spain: Estrella Mudéjar

Blanca B, Spain: Estrella Mudéjar

Name of the quilter: Blanca B

Name of the block: Estrella Mudéjar

Country: Spain

Size: 12" by 12" (30 cm x 30 cm)

The star which I am sending you is a variation of the Estrella Mudéjar which decorates the walls of the Plaza de Toros in Madrid.

The Estrella Mudéjar is an eight-pointed star which is formed by two concentric squares. One of these squares is turned by 45°.

The Plaza de Toros in Madrid is called "Las Ventas" and the building was finished in 1929. It is built in the Mudéjar style using bricks which cover an internal structure which is metal. The outside decoration uses ceramic tiles forming the coat of arms of all Spanish provinces and some other adornments. One of these adornments is the star which I made for this occasion. 

Plaza de Toros Madrid - BlancaB

Today, the Plaza de Toros in Madrid is used for numerous events, but no longer for bullfights.

It is a wonderful venue for concerts in the spring and summer months. Here, international stars like The Beatles, Iron Maidin, Silvio Rodríguez, Maná, AC/DC, Shakira, Mark Knopfler performed and of course many, many Spanish artists.

This was also the place were the semifinals of the tennis tournament Davis Cup were held in 2008. Moreover it is an obligatory destination for all the tourists from around the world who explore Madrid.  

I made my block based on a pattern which I drew based on the foto above. I took the foto in September 2014 when another Where do you come from (and IBS2) participant, Marion from Brazil, was visiting me.

Blanca B, Spain: Estrella Mudéjar