Bonus: Lady of the Lake Cushion

Bonus: Lady of the Lake Cushion

At Quilt around the World, all patterns are explained in a lot of detail and include pictures for every important step. This means that for quilts that come to us already in a finished or semi-finished state, we re-sew all parts as necessary.

This was the case for the Lady of the Lake quilt. The top was almost finished when we bought it. The Lady of the Lake block is not very difficult to make, but still has some interesting details that needed to be documented properly. So we made a sample block to make the “photo shooting” and verify the appropriate measurements.

But what to do with a 20” (50 cm) orphan block? A block which is admittedly very pretty, but in itself quite useless other than to increase the pile of UFOs and orphan blocks in our workroom.

Lady of the Lake Cushion

Well. We reverted to the obvious solution and made a cushion cover. This alone would not have been enough to merit an appearance here, if it hadn’t been for the optional quilting motif… ;-)

Waterlily Half Block

Finished Cushion Size:

20" (ca. 50 cm)

Finished Block Size:

20" (ca. 50 cm)



Technique and Layout:

The Lady of the Lake block pattern for this cushion was created for template-free rotary cutting. You can use scraps and leftovers in three different values (light, medium, dark).

The cushion is hand-quilted. The smaller triangles were quilted used a fairly simple quilting grid. For the larger triangles, we designed a variation of the Waterlily quilt motif used in the Lady of the Lake Quilt. You will find the Waterlily Half Block as downloadable PDF file in the quilting section for this project. 

Material needed:

  • scraps from light, medium and dark fabrics

Other tools and notions needed:

  • Rotary cutter, cutting mat, ruler
  • Fabric and paper scissors
  • Pins
  • Neutral-coloured thread for piecing
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Sewing machine
  • Marking pencils for light and dark fabrics
  • Thread for hand or machine quilting
  • Safety pins or basting thread